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Mediation protection held not relevant to child abduction

Acquiescence established in children being brought to UK

Children “in transit” still habitually resident in Scotland

Court retained jurisdiction to make s 11 order

Contact held in child's interests despite father's offending

Ethnic mix held important in retaining parent-child link

Ten month delay did not vitiate contact refusal

Lapse of time did not alter substance, sheriff principal rules

Maintenance payments: ascribed to arrears first?

Court holds intention was to meet current payments

Relocation bid fails to get off the ground

Sheriff questions how case ever reached proof stage

“Sham” separation allegation rejected in assets claim

Action to reduce alienations fails on residence grounds

Time bar bullet

Front rank defence to s.28

Division of sale: absolute remedy?

Not according to Fraser v Fraser

Cross-border divorces

Advice shifts after Pitchford decision

Maintenance Orders Act 1950

Clarity emerges over application

Impact of DNA refusal

This can counter paternity presumption