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Cohabitants: a changing landscape

Post-Gow v Grant, the law continues to evolve

CMS? It'll cost you

Fees are now payable if resort is had to the Child Maintenance Service

Regulation or interpretation?

Reminders, if they were needed, about the difficulties that can ensue in interpreting the clauses of a minute of agreement

Expensive lesson

A salutary lesson in the vagaries of litigating financial provision cases in the sheriff court

Party litigants, and some dos and don'ts

Procedural points from some recent shrieval decisions

Contact: no presumption here?

A presumption for involvement of a parent in a child's life? Scotland and England appear to be differing

Letter: More - a champion?

On Sir Thomas More and conscience

Conscience and the same-sex marriage debate

A plea for the right priorities as decisions are taken

Cohabitation: why no "unfair settlements" provision?

The Act allowing financial provision for cohabiting couples has a serious flaw in not enabling the court to override agreements that operate unfairly

Respect agenda

SHRC recognises sensitivities of same-sex marriage debate

Child maintenance: here we go again?

New consultation begs the question of how much of a system we need

Supreme Court proves its worth

Another human rights decision shows the court's ability to see the bigger picture