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Journal editorial October 2020

Sadly, it is necessary to speak out loudly and clearly for the profession and the rule of law and against a Government that poses a threat to both

Journal editorial June 2020

Recent behaviour by Government has not encouraged respect for the rule of law, and a very different approach is needed to build future trust

A turbulent Christmas

Depressing divisions and a lack of clear thinking dominate the Brexit scene. But (stop press) there is something positive in the official reaction to the legal aid review

Programme for action?

How much can we expect to happen through the Scottish Government's Programme for Government?

PVG disclosure scheme to be streamlined

Consultation on simplified system closes shortly

GDPR alert for social landlords

Compliance duties extend beyond tenants and employees

Islands Bill to give local say in coastal waters projects

Policy making to have regard to special needs of island communities

Art of the possible

This is a time for our Governments to be realistic in their expectations – and for lawyers to flag up where plans may disrupt the smooth running of international agreements

Test of legality

The Supreme Court's "named person" decision points up the need for thorough scrutiny of Scottish Parliament legislation

Where policy meets statute: court backs minister

Affordable housing case also covers consultation and equality duty

Procurement decision rejects lack of transparency claim

Ferry tender process did not require demand benchmarking

Power and accountability

New Parliament should bring a new approach to the Holyrood committee system