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The limits of sovereignty

Would it actually be desirable for Parliament to be unfettered, as Human Rights Act opponents presuppose?

The lottery of power

Power politics and the general election

Govern with humanity

All parties at the forthcoming election should be called on to recognise the human impact of their policies

A testing new year

Basic legal rights look likely to come under challenge in 2015

Still arguing

The Society has managed to become a calling place for leading politicians, as devolution arguments continue

Dissolving the Union

Comment on "Scotland's Constitutional Future 2" and Scotland's status

People's choice

Does the draft interim constitution embody that the people are "sovereign"?

Still talking; little new

Cabinet Secretary's familiar messages to Council

Letter: "Issues for the Union"

Independence would mean dissolving all parts of the United Kingdom

A breath of fresh air from Parliament

Cheers for the report on prisoners' voting rights

Political rights

Is it wise to propose to include socio-economic rights in the constitution of an independent Scotland?

Legal aid contracting: "no comment" is best

Solicitors should not indicate agreement without proper information