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Hedging its bets

Government prolonging the wait for action on high hedges

Compassion with dignity

Justice Secretary gives good account of himself with Lockerbie decision

Megrahi: decision time

Abandoning of appeal opens way for system to show a humane face

The Parliament: a real difference

In its first 10 years, the Scottish Parliament has made a huge impact on Scots law

Devolution: into the next decade

Calman report is material for serous debate

Painting by numbers

Budget picture is not a pretty one, and seems to lack a sense of strategy

Free speech needs consistency

Why ban Geert Wilders when his film is still being screened?

Be reserved with reserved powers

Governments should look beyond strict powers in making devolution work

Smoking out an overreaction

Is it right - and legal - to ban smokers from adopting or fostering young children?

Sauce for the gander?

What is the consumer view of a ban on commercial medical practices?

Surveillance without frontiers?

Phone and email database proposals surely go too far