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Journal editorial February 2022: Rights of others

Despite policies and programmes to advance protected groups, hateful behaviour remains prevalent. The profession must show a lead

Journal editorial July 2020

If action on court provision is not taken soon, we may face a hard choice between preserving the jury system and protecting human rights

Data protection offences: latest cases from ICO

Action against individuals – and HMRC – for improper use

Widowed parent's allowance should not depend on marriage: UKSC

Rule excluding cohabitants contrary to Human Rights Convention

GDPR alert for social landlords

Compliance duties extend beyond tenants and employees

GDPR: check you are ready for May start date

Guidance issued on stronger personal data protection rules

Data protection law set to tighten

Businesses need to prepare for the GDPR

Defend our rights

Don't sacrifice rights to combat terrorism; welcome to Edinburgh for the UK Supreme Court

Private sector removings not subject to ECHR: Supreme Court

New ruling states Parliament has set balance of rights

"Easter 2016"

A Brussels lawyer's plea on how to achieve peace and tolerance in the wake of the terrorist attacks

The limits of sovereignty

Would it actually be desirable for Parliament to be unfettered, as Human Rights Act opponents presuppose?

New deal, same fundamentals

Human rights debate is not just about Europe