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Journal editorial July 2021

For its positive, dynamic vibe of today, the Society has much to thank Lorna Jack for

Journal editorial January 2020

Independence of the profession, or independence of its regulation? Those stances represent the opponents and supporters of the Roberton review proposals, the subject of renewed debate this month

Letter: the root of our stress

The underlying reasons for stress in the profession, and the need to tackle them

Letter: social mobility needs employers

Some practical steps through which employers can be more proactive

Letter: reporting what concerns?

SLCC queries new scheme as appearing to conflict with the 2007 Act; Society replies

Letter: Society backing Scots law

A reply to Graeme McCormick

Letter: an annual plan for Scots law?

The Society's annual plan should include projects to enhance Scots law and its relevance to Scotland's people

Put to the test

The Society's position as regulator will come under renewed scrutiny following the Roberton report, but the report itself should equally be subjected to proper scrutiny

Campaign for Scots law in contracts

Society should lead push for Scots consumers to have choice

Speaking out

The benefit sanctions system has drawn some unusually sharp comments from the Society, but the need for such strictures is likely to increase

Time for the members to elect the President and VP

Individuals needed who will perform well in public

A paralegal's tale

Janet Rieu-Clarke, the Law Society’s accredited paralegal, explains the path that led her to new role at the Society and the rationale behind the new accredited paralegal status.