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Journey of discovery

Council awayday session explores strategy for the way ahead

Manifesto hits the headlines

Much support for better education in the law, but how to achieve it?

Manifesto days

Positive media coverage of Society's programme reflects our views being taken seriously

Vice Presidential candidate manifestos for 2011-12

Personal statements by Oliver Adair, Austin Lafferty and David Newton ahead of poll by Council members

Council confidential

Outcomes from the leak saga

Open letter to the President of the Law Society of Scotland on media policy

Call to withdraw proposed media protocol in the interests of open government

The half-baked doughnuts saga

The real questions for discussion over the Access to Justice Committee's SLAB plan?

Standing up for democracy

A defence to some recent accusations

Opening up justice

Committee's ambitious plans deserve support

Let the members have their say

Constitution changes need to protect rights

The great constitution turnoff?

Even recent events have not prompted many responses to the consultation

Lessons from others' reform efforts

Council membership changes could enhance effective representation of solicitors