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Constitution "in serious need of overhaul"

Current standing orders unable to deliver results needed

Society's constitution must be modernised

Lay members help profession stay in touch with public

What did you do in the hols? - We talked

Lengthy agenda for Society and Government before bill finalised

Section 92 has its teeth drawn

Final stage 2 sitting amends Society provisions

Will writer concerns recognised in stage 2 amendments

Commentary on Justice Committee's third sitting on amendments to the bill

Justice Committee backs compromise proposal

Commentary on the stage 2 committee sitting of 15 June

Guarantee Fund: negotiations continue

The Society is pressing the Government to accept that only practices that it regulates should have a claim on the fund

Constitution reform now a priority

Proposals are about to go to consultation - look out for the next e-bulletin

Cards on the table

Time to put the ball in the Parliament's court

Guarantee Fund: a reply

Convener assures solicitors that the fund is not vulnerable to a catastrophic claim

The choice for the profession

Society's AGM motion is necessary to provide unity and a long term solution

Open letter to the profession on Legal Services Act

Eight firms appeal to solicitors to support ABS proposals