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Hong Kong – a place to do business

Society's breakfast briefing shows the opportunities on offer

Debaters give us confidence – and a challenge

Quality of the Society's Donald Dewar competition final shows that Scotland has talent for the future – can the profession benefit?

Taking concerns seriously

The Society must be seen to be listening to, and working for, its members following the support shown at yesterday's AGM

Transparency at work

Society wins the budget vote, but has to promise clearer figures

Heads and hearts

We all like to pay less, but do the arguments for the Flint motion stand up?

How far can we cut the PC fee?

Solicitors should consider the level of representation and service they want from the Society

Class event

60th anniversary conference lived up to its billing

Conference impressions

A successful reception at Edinburgh Castle yesterday was followed by a stirring start to the 60th anniversary conference from the two leading law officers

A week to remember

This coming week sees the climax of the Society's 60th anniversary year

Lesson from a much valued status

The Society hopes to strengthen the links with members abroad, who still value their "brand"

Staff have needs too

Legal firms are adopting pragmatic responses to the present economic difficulties, but these should focus as much on the needs of staff as on the structure of the business

Four heads better than one

UK and Irish law societies sharing ideas to help members through recession