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No globalisation without representation...

Katie Hay discusses the globalisation of the legal market and urges Scottish solicitors working internationally, to get involved

Bringing the world to "world-class"

Sarah Sutton, digital communications executive at the Law Society of Scotland, talks about her bright idea to ensure international representation on the Society’s Council

Letter: better research?

SLAB is criticising the Law Society of Scotland's research, but what of its own standards?

Got a passion for the profession?

Could one of the 23 current vacancies for 16 different committees be just right for you?

Professional Practice - advising the advisers

Scottish solicitors help their clients through some of the most momentous occasions of their lives, personal or professional, good or bad. But where do solicitors turn for support? Prof Prac, that's where.

Letters: SLCC levy proposals

Comments on the Society's response

Society's "double standards" on gender equality

Claim of discrimination against those returning to practice

Letter: improper alignment?

Was the Society wise to welcome the Scottish Government's paper, Scotland's Place in Europe, so warmly?

Civic engagement

The Society risked becoming political in welcoming the Government paper Scotland's Place in Europe

Letter: retaking the narrative on complaints

In the full version of his letter published this month, the author argues that the Society failed to counter effectively the misleading headline approach of the SLCC on launching its annual report

Fighting an unseen enemy

Solicitors need more advice and guidance against the threat from cyber criminals

How getting involved in debating can change your life

Head of education Rob Marrs explains how getting involved in debating, whether as competitor or judge, can be incredibly rewarding. And more importantly, he explains how to win a debate.