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First impressions

Olivia Parker, careers and outreach executive and recent addition to the Law Society of Scotland’s Education, Training & Qualifications team, tells of her experience of the Society so far

Politicians, priorities and public interest: Scottish party conference season

Tim Mouncer, public affairs manager at the Law Society of Scotland, explains what’s in store for this spring’s party conferences

Letter: conflicted over conflict?

Comment on the Professional Practice article in the December 2015 Journal

Make a difference. Have an impact. Join our Council

A Q&A with Jackie McRae, partner and manager of family law at Pagan Osborne, and new lawyers Council member at the Law Society of Scotland 2009-2012

Moving on up

Now settled in at the Society’s new office at Atria One, Sarah Sutton explains how the big move will make a difference to you

Looking forwards

Comments on the EU referendum, and the Society's member survey; and on the possible benefits from the Society's new offices

A Street Law lesson for Street Lawyers

Laura Gulliver tells us more about the latest training for law students joining the Law Society’s Street Law scheme

Under the public gaze

Time for a review of how to uphold the public interest in cases such as Hales/Thomson

Gulliver’s travels

Laura Gulliver, careers and outreach manager at the Society, reveals all about autumn in the Education & Training team

Happy birthday, Brussels

As the Society's Brussels office marks its 25th anniversary, Sarah Sutton looks at what it does and how it serves the profession

Off the hook

Sarah Sutton quizzes Mark from the Society’s Public Communications team to find out why the Society gets so many phone calls from the public

Letter: one for the bin?

A question for the Society over online PC renewal