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All our own fault?

The profession, and the Society, has a remarkable ability to shoot itself in the foot


In the first of a regular blog about his conversations on Twitter, Neil Stevenson talks about his latest Twitter gaffe, and possible green shoots

Legal aid and the Society: the personal touch

The Society's lead player for criminal legal aid practitioners has been touring the country to hear solicitors' views at first hand

Legal aid contracting: "no comment" is best

Solicitors should not indicate agreement without proper information

Report on Law Society of Ireland conference, Killarney 2013

The President's experience, in and out of the hall, as guest of our sister jurisdiction in the Republic

President's diary: Cape Town, final day

Society has delegates looking forward to Glasgow 2015

President's diary: Cape Town, day 7

A very full 17 April contained some reminders of the realities of life in other countries

President's diary: Cape Town, day 6

Today's conference highlights were an address on South Africa's constitution and its court, and a session on legal aid

President's diary: Cape Town, day 5

A full day includes some eye-opening presentations on legal and rights issues in different parts of the Commonwealth

President's diary: Cape Town, day 4

Day 1 of the conference includes an address from Lord President Gill

President’s diary: Cape Town, day 3

Out and about in the city ahead of the conference proper

President’s Diary: Cape Town, day 2

Filling a day ahead of the start of the conference itself