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Journal editorial May 2022: Ball in their court

There could at last be public sympathy for action taken by legal aid lawyers in support of their campaign for adequate rates

Journal editorial October 2021

Legal rights and climate change are intimately interlinked, and lawyers can expect to be increasingly called on to advise on related matters

Journal editorial September 2021

The draft rules for holding civil court hearings remotely go further than may feel comfortable with – is there a justification?

Journal editorial August 2021

Plans to cut criminal case backlogs need proper consultation with defence lawyers – and a drive to make best use of their time

Journal editorial May 2021

After featuring in the election campaign the future of the not proven verdict is in doubt – but are there alternatives to simple abolition?

Journal editorial August 2020

Alleviating the impact of COVID-19 would be a better use of Holyrood's time between now and the election than the Hate Crime Bill

Seeking the positive

A bit of flexibility and imagination can achieve things this year, whether for a business in the face of Brexit or for employees to improve their work-life balance, and wellbeing

The Debate - backstage, front of house and top tips

In this mini-series of blogs, three key players in the Donald Dewar Memorial Debating Tournament share their individual perspectives of the event.

Defend our rights

Don't sacrifice rights to combat terrorism; welcome to Edinburgh for the UK Supreme Court

All our own fault?

The profession, and the Society, has a remarkable ability to shoot itself in the foot

Living with contributions

Reply to Martin Morrow's opinion column

Letter: More - a champion?

On Sir Thomas More and conscience

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