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Journal editorial October 2021

Legal rights and climate change are intimately interlinked, and lawyers can expect to be increasingly called on to advise on related matters

Planning Bill set to bring another overhaul

Aim is to strengthen and simplify system

Islands Bill to give local say in coastal waters projects

Policy making to have regard to special needs of island communities

Developer contributions need circular compliance

Failure to adhere unlawful without justification

Performance bond or guarantee?

Court upholds bond claim arising from Scottish Coal Company works

Where policy meets statute: court backs minister

Affordable housing case also covers consultation and equality duty

Planning decisions: beware judicial review changes

Time limit and permission stage rules in force for new challenges

Climate change: kicking and screaming

Irrespective of global warming, are the measures in the Climate Change Bill not desirable in themselves?

Trust thy neighbour

What will be the safeguards against abuse of the relaxed planning regime for domestic alterations?