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Journal editorial December 2020

Employers should help people find their own best balance between home and office working; Government must recognise the urgency of the crisis in legal aid

Make wellbeing a thing

Staff wellbeing in legal firms has to become a matter of culture, with supporting mechanisms in place

Shape your future

Despite the uncertainty, it would benefit legal firms to think proactively about how to react to Brexit

Seeking the positive

A bit of flexibility and imagination can achieve things this year, whether for a business in the face of Brexit or for employees to improve their work-life balance, and wellbeing

Mergers and markets

After the Maclays-Dentons merger, what now for the independent Scottish legal firm?

Letter: business failures

Should the Society tighten its solvency criteria?

The year that was

The Journal employment survey reveals a gloomy outlook; how can solicitors meet clients' needs in these times?

Letter: just pick up the phone

Clients seem to think it's easy, but should be told email is more efficient

Letter: AFLA's positive impact

Marking the success to date of Armed Forces Legal Action

Global connections

Despite the concerns voiced, there is little evidence to date of harm to the Scottish legal profession from the number of cross-border mergers

Letter: Sin language?

Comment on the article "Sins of our leaders"

Letter: AFLA appeal for the forces

Solicitors are invited to join a fee discount scheme for service personnel