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Letter: Keeping it in the family

Can anyone beat this for a family firm?

Letter: “Times are tough”

Reply to Fiona McAllister's article in relation to trainee salaries

Welcome the support centre

Ashurst move should be good news for the Scottish market

Letter: Checklists - a strong history

Value consistently proved in different contexts

Austin's angle: jump before you're prodded

Being proactive is key to client confidence - and revenue

Austin's angle: front of house

Austin Lafferty shines a light an often overlooked cornerstone of the successful practice

Austin's angle: your file as lifejacket

There are many reasons for making sure files are complete. Most of them potentially involve professional survival

Austin's angle: the ledger

The necessary chore of looking after the clients' account

Austin's angle: set digital dictation machine to stun

The relentless rise of technology – yes, but it can save you thousands

Austin's angle: start as you mean to continue

Money laundering compliance is tedious but worth the effort

Austin's angle: up scope

Keep yourself out of trouble with a proper scoping exercise up front

Austin's angle: on top with the e-diary

Manage your deadlines better with the digital version of that vital diary