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Time to think pro bono

Winter weather "good neighbour" stories set background for LawWorks launch

SLAS response to the Lloyds Banking Group panel cuts

Advice to solicitors on how to respond, and how to appeal if affected

Giving up the paper round

Research into lawyers' means of communication should throw up some interesting findings

Hong Kong – a place to do business

Society's breakfast briefing shows the opportunities on offer

Staff have needs too

Legal firms are adopting pragmatic responses to the present economic difficulties, but these should focus as much on the needs of staff as on the structure of the business

High Street Conference feedback

Event to boost smaller firms provided a "positive view of the future"

Not all gloom on the high street

Conference hears of ways to create opportunities in recession

Mind mapping the profession

Enterprise Minister comes up with a new way to identify business solutions

Hard times on the high street

The conference on 29 November aims to share ideas on dealing with the economic situation