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Journal editorial November 2021

The political choice regarding legal services regulation may ultimately be one of priorities relating to independence and the profession

Journal editorial January 2020

Independence of the profession, or independence of its regulation? Those stances represent the opponents and supporters of the Roberton review proposals, the subject of renewed debate this month

Uncovering the unacceptable

Our self-styled ethical profession has a problem of bullying and harassment. Can it be treated as a question of fitness to practise?

Letter: reporting what concerns?

SLCC queries new scheme as appearing to conflict with the 2007 Act; Society replies

Letter: protest at letting agent regime

An objection to the information being required of already regulated solicitors under the new mandatory scheme

Put to the test

The Society's position as regulator will come under renewed scrutiny following the Roberton report, but the report itself should equally be subjected to proper scrutiny

Letter: what do the money laundering rules achieve?

System of detection, not prevention, gives solicitors difficult choice

Letter: delay at the SLCC

Seven months for time bar case

Letter: SLCC ignorance

We have to educate SLCC investigators, and pay for the privilege

Letter: business failures

Should the Society tighten its solvency criteria?

Letter: what the review needs to cover

Legal services review should extend to delays in prosecuting rogue lawyers

Review time

Patience will be needed as regards the outcome of the new review of legal services regulation, but there is much for the profession to concern itself with meantime