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Life goes on – as we know it?

Why solicitors need to know about the Society's regulation consultations

Time barring hybrid complaints

Question over SLCC's unpublished policy

Where now for conveyancing?

Sep rep has been defeated; what do we do now?

Sep rep: it still needs to be "No"

Why the SGM should reject the proposal now and look for other improvements to the system

The case for sep rep: the conflict of interest is real

Why the profession should avoid the risk of conflicts arising in what is a pressured situation

Sep rep: where is the conflict?

McVey & Murricane survey of top conveyancing firms finds little evidence of conflict of interest

Letter: Food for thought

Some comments on articles in the March 2013 Journal

Look first

Are we going out on a limb on sep rep?

Letter: SLCC – fix the sift

There should be a less expensive means of appealing a decision to sift through a complaint

France says “Non” to ABS

The national council representing the local law societies in France has passed a resolution rejecting the concept of alternative business structures. A lawyer qualified in France and the UK explains why

Letter: Spinning the levy

Reaction to the SLCC levy for the coming year, and the Society's "spin"

Letter: The season for a rant

What is the benefit of the SLCC survey?