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Mortgages: raising the stakes

Time for a full review of professional regulation as respects lender panels

Put it to the panel

How should the profession respond to the current moves by mortgage lenders?

Practising what we preach

My wish for 2012: that solicitors practise greater mutual respect in line with the profession's core values

ABS lift-off

Society wants to share draft handbook with those interested in setting up in Scotland

SLCC: one complaint fewer

Follow-up to letter published in July

Complaints against the SLCC

Concerns about a complaint that was not sifted out as spurious

Time for a fresh look at conflict of interest

Shorter version of a discussion paper related to the Scottish Law Agents Society motion before the Law Society of Scotland AGM

Paralegals: team building at work

Initial success of Registered Paralegal Scheme suggests the right formula

The bill in retrospect

Don't lose sight of the bigger picture

Effect of the Akzo judgment

"Premature to legislate" on ABS pending Supreme Court judgment in Prudential tax appeal

The better path?

The legal profession in England & Wales is coming to appreciate aspects of our model in Scotland

What did you do in the hols? - We talked

Lengthy agenda for Society and Government before bill finalised