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Section 92 has its teeth drawn

Final stage 2 sitting amends Society provisions

Will writer concerns recognised in stage 2 amendments

Commentary on Justice Committee's third sitting on amendments to the bill

Inside view from Down Under

New South Wales commissioner tells of ABS experience

Committee keeping us guessing

Justice Committee sitting this week leaves key issues unresolved

Justice Committee backs compromise proposal

Commentary on the stage 2 committee sitting of 15 June

Guarantee Fund: negotiations continue

The Society is pressing the Government to accept that only practices that it regulates should have a claim on the fund

MSPs going for wider view

First stage 2 debate suggests bill will be permissive

The Australian approach – another angle

A comparison of statutory safeguards for lawyers' independence

The legal landscape – looking with new eyes

In an address delivered at Said Business School, Oxford, the LSEW President reviews the changes in England & Wales under the Legal Services Act, and questions whether the balance in the fragile legal "ecosystem" has been disturbed

Pro bono needs a conversion of hearts

Proposal for compulsion likely to be counterproductive

Cards on the table

Time to put the ball in the Parliament's court

Guarantee Fund: whose benefit?

Does ABS not mean a blank cheque against default in the biggest transactions?