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Letter: challenging factors' rates

Should higher charges close to settlement be challenged as duress?

Letter: customise, don’t commoditise

Taking a little more time can often give you an advantage, and justify a higher fee

Letter: praise for ScotLIS

Give Registers of Scotland credit for an excellent service

Letter: dumped by Lloyds

Was law firm ownership, not employee experience, key to panel rejection?

Letter: no discharge – what remedy?

What can a solicitor do if a lender fails without cause to deliver a discharge? An amendment to the standard clauses might be an answer

HMRC revises residential property CGT payment scheme

Rules for UK residents and non-residents to be aligned

Letter: why the voluntary registration delays?

Clients have paid a lot, but are still waiting, and no information is forthcoming

Electronic land registration regulations in hand

Registers targeting fully digital application system

Letter: holding the Keeper to account (1)

ARTL reply suggests double standards being applied

Letter: holding the Keeper to account (2)

ARTL reply does not address the question of money wasted

Buying and selling in Scotland: still on track?

When few transactions actually fall through, it would serve clients (and the profession's reputation) better not to leave so much to the last minute in a house sale and purchase

Letter: ARTL: just a mistake?

Should the Keeper not be held to account for money spent on ARTL, as solicitors are for errors in applications? – with reply from the Keeper