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Letter: Repossessions: bad practice

Why are lenders so unrealistic when selling a repossessed property?

A complete Land Register?

A case study of the kind of obstacles that lie in the way

Title insurance – the solution?

Why not make more use of title insurance in resolving minor property-related matters?

Letter: Quit the bucket shop

Time to cut conveyancing risks, by charging a proper fee for a proper service

Letter: conveyancing delays

No one's interests are served, especially the client's, by selling solicitors delaying in ordering up titles

Helpful exchange?

Lenders Exchange costs discriminate against sole practitioners

Letter: RoS wants to engage

This is your chance to help shape the 2012 Act in practice

Where now for conveyancing?

Sep rep has been defeated; what do we do now?

Sep rep: it still needs to be "No"

Why the SGM should reject the proposal now and look for other improvements to the system

The case for sep rep: the conflict of interest is real

Why the profession should avoid the risk of conflicts arising in what is a pressured situation

Sep rep: where is the conflict?

McVey & Murricane survey of top conveyancing firms finds little evidence of conflict of interest

Letter: Burdens we take on

A conveyancer's gripe over ARTL reporting, RoS branding and liabilities of the profession - and a suggestion in relation to separate representation