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Letter: Conveyancing by anecdote

Are transactions being unnecessarily held up by defensive practices?

Letter: Lenders’ changes – a step too far

The nonsense of HSBC attempting to apply English law

Letter: Food for thought

Some comments on articles in the March 2013 Journal

Look first

Are we going out on a limb on sep rep?

Letter: Limited title

Comment on a new book on the Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Letter: Time to stop the title raiders

Extend the jurisdiction of the Lands Tribunal to prevent ransom demands

Letter: Standard clauses

Standard missives are commendable, but the effect of some clauses is open to question

Letter: No, we have not forgiven

Comment on Professor Lorne Crerar's involvement in bringing in home reports

Letter: ARTL (again!)

Plea to Society to recommend against using ARTL until improved

Letter: Predictive/anticipatory conveyancing

Foresee your client's moves or face charges from the Registers

Letter: Can we rely on the Registers?

Keeper's error put at risk our place on a lender's panel

Mortgages: raising the stakes

Time for a full review of professional regulation as respects lender panels