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Journal editorial April 2021

Truth and power: democracy in the UK is not in a very healthy state at present. What will happen after the May elections?

Journal editorial March 2021

As we restart the economy after the pandemic, the disadvantaged must not be left behind

Journal editorial February 2021

Something has gone very wrong in the prosecution service, given the settlement of the claims for malicious prosecution, and a full inquiry is needed to restore confidence

Journal editorial January 2021

Thoughts on pulling through a gloomy January; the legal aid package and talks; and the impact of the Brexit deal

Journal editorial December 2020

Employers should help people find their own best balance between home and office working; Government must recognise the urgency of the crisis in legal aid

Journal editorial November 2020

As legal aid lawyers hang on for a Government decision on funding, New Generation Lawyers deserves support in campaigning for their future

Journal editorial October 2020

Sadly, it is necessary to speak out loudly and clearly for the profession and the rule of law and against a Government that poses a threat to both

Journal editorial September 2020

The legal profession has increasingly to defend itself, and its neediest clients, from authorities who have little appreciation of its role

Journal editorial August 2020

Alleviating the impact of COVID-19 would be a better use of Holyrood's time between now and the election than the Hate Crime Bill

Journal editorial July 2020

If action on court provision is not taken soon, we may face a hard choice between preserving the jury system and protecting human rights

Journal editorial June 2020

Recent behaviour by Government has not encouraged respect for the rule of law, and a very different approach is needed to build future trust

Journal editorial April 2020

Emergency measures are necessary, but we must still be careful that they do not go too far

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