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Journal editorial May 2022: Ball in their court

There could at last be public sympathy for action taken by legal aid lawyers in support of their campaign for adequate rates

Journal editorial April 2022: Wanted!

Competition in legal recruitment is creating issues for smaller firms, and increasing the pay gap between defence lawyers and the rest

Journal editorial March 2022: International order

The coordinated sanctions against the invasion of Ukraine offer some hope of influencing events without further escalating the use of force

Journal editorial February 2022: Rights of others

Despite policies and programmes to advance protected groups, hateful behaviour remains prevalent. The profession must show a lead

Journal editorial January 2022: Another year

Thoughts on where we are with COVID, and other matters likely to occupy the profession in 2022

Journal editorial December 2021: Look after your people

With business levels strong, and the job market tightening, employers will have to show they care for their staff if they want to keep them

Journal editorial November 2021

The political choice regarding legal services regulation may ultimately be one of priorities relating to independence and the profession

Journal editorial October 2021

Legal rights and climate change are intimately interlinked, and lawyers can expect to be increasingly called on to advise on related matters

Journal editorial September 2021

The draft rules for holding civil court hearings remotely go further than may feel comfortable with – is there a justification?

Journal editorial August 2021

Plans to cut criminal case backlogs need proper consultation with defence lawyers – and a drive to make best use of their time

Journal editorial July 2021

For its positive, dynamic vibe of today, the Society has much to thank Lorna Jack for

Journal editorial June 2021

The future of remote civil court hearings will need the same spirit of collegiality that enabled the collective delivery of the process – and some fresh thinking

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