Platinum blog series

In the next in our series of Platinum blogs, Rebecca Lindsay, trainee solicitor at Wright Johnston Mackenzie reflects on the potential loss of governmental accountability in the wake of Brexit and the possible impact on the environment.

Platinum blog series

In the latest in our series of platinum anniversary blogs, Michael Kusznir, solicitor at Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace and member of our Trust and Succession Law Sub-committee, looks back to a time when an ‘illegitimate’ child was a stranger in law and blood to its parents.

Letter: kindness – what effect?

Data should be provided on whether the "kindness courts" really make a difference

Letter: about that 3%

The recent legal aid increase is no rise at all

Letter: challenging factors' rates

Should higher charges close to settlement be challenged as duress?

Uncovering the unacceptable

Our self-styled ethical profession has a problem of bullying and harassment. Can it be treated as a question of fitness to practise?

Failure to hold appeal hearing triggered unfair dismissal

Company could rely on tribunal’s adverse finding on credibility

Men cannot claim enhanced shared parental pay: Appeal Court

Supreme Court appeal likely on indirect discrimination case

Data protection offences: latest cases from ICO

Action against individuals – and HMRC – for improper use

When failure to provide statement of particulars claimable

Claim disallowed as breach cured ahead of proceedings

“Workers” now entitled to itemised pay statements

Guide published to rights from 6 April 2019

Platinum blog series

Deborah Dillon is Lead Auditor, Business & Platform Solution for Atos UK&I. She specialises in Information Governance, including the application and implementation of Data Protection processes and procedures across a wide range of organisational areas. Deborah is a member of our Privacy Committee.