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Not all gloom on the high street

Conference hears of ways to create opportunities in recession

Offers over: the devil we know

Would it be a good thing if home reports saw their demise?

Newly-qualifieds are cause for confidence

Sense of optimism at largest Admissions Ceremony of recent times

Be reserved with reserved powers

Governments should look beyond strict powers in making devolution work

Mind mapping the profession

Enterprise Minister comes up with a new way to identify business solutions

Smoking out an overreaction

Is it right - and legal - to ban smokers from adopting or fostering young children?

Recovery begins at home – but abroad is relevant too

Reply to comment on "Our business future" post

Obama and the rule of law

Will the new President prove more sensitive to human rights and international obligations?

Hard times on the high street

The conference on 29 November aims to share ideas on dealing with the economic situation