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A darker shade of white

Fond memories of the past don't mean we can recreate them today

Past, present and future: a Christmas reflection

The Society is working to achieve its vision for itself and for the solicitors' profession

A case stated

Positive feedback from the Justice Committee hearing shows respect in which the Society is held

Committee starts from first principles

Stage 1 hearings on Legal Services Bill taking nothing for granted

Two into one can't go?

Can the Society continue with its dual role?

Still as controversial

One year on, home reports have still to sell themselves to most Scottish solicitors

What price health?

Will we ever know if setting a minimum price for alcohol would be legal?

Two sides of the coin

Access to justice summit for disabled people hears of the best, and worst cases, but offers hope

Abolishing sin

What is the point of legislation to impose aspirations and targets on government?

Flavour of the month

Everyone seems to be talking pro bono, and we should welcome that

Looking for long term gain

Launch of Fife Law Centre reminds us of the need for secure funding for essential advice

The politics of advice

Advice should be public, and advisers should be given some leeway, on matters of public interest