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A week to remember

This coming week sees the climax of the Society's 60th anniversary year

Painting by numbers

Budget picture is not a pretty one, and seems to lack a sense of strategy

The limits of review

Criminal Cases Review Commissions were never intended to turn back the centuries

Up the down escalator

"Access to the professions" research needs to look at all the angles

Legal aid - at a price

Extended civil eligibility is no giveaway

Lesson from a much valued status

The Society hopes to strengthen the links with members abroad, who still value their "brand"

Talking up the market?

How much of a revival in housing can we expect to see?

Fine tuning

Inspectorate's report on fiscal fines answers some but not all questions

Shutting the stable door

Proposed financial services supervision is partial restoration of common sense

Staff have needs too

Legal firms are adopting pragmatic responses to the present economic difficulties, but these should focus as much on the needs of staff as on the structure of the business

Choosing the ground

Any review of solicitor advocates and rights of audience has to be seen to be impartial

Plenty of meat in this one

Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill gives Holyrood something to chew over