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Claiming from the needy

How much should the Government be able to reclaim when benefit errors are made?

The price of extended rights

Solicitor advocates right to support call for review

Free speech needs consistency

Why ban Geert Wilders when his film is still being screened?

Four heads better than one

UK and Irish law societies sharing ideas to help members through recession

Judicious language

Sheriff's reported remarks would have been good test for new law

Time to move on

Debate about business models should be "how" rather than "whether"

"Double jeopardy" looks safe for now

Despite the fuss, the ancient principle has plenty of life

Another step forward with the new chief

Lorna Jack appointment should help break down barriers

This paper could have the right mix

Bureaucracy under control in regulation proposals

Impressions of a Homecomer

First thoughts of the Society's new Chief Executive, Lorna Jack

Time for positive thoughts

Welcome to a year with more to keep us guessing than most