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When the going gets tough

Keeping going in this month's weather sort of sums up the year

Supreme Court proves its worth

Another human rights decision shows the court's ability to see the bigger picture

Time to think pro bono

Winter weather "good neighbour" stories set background for LawWorks launch

Rights: the new frontier

Can we release the "untapped potential" of the Convention?

Vice Presidential candidate manifestos for 2011-12

Personal statements by Oliver Adair, Austin Lafferty and David Newton ahead of poll by Council members

Assisted death for Margo's bill

Debate raises questions of whether law can be made to work

Council confidential

Outcomes from the leak saga

Open letter to the President of the Law Society of Scotland on media policy

Call to withdraw proposed media protocol in the interests of open government

Cadder v HMA – a political inconvenience?

The Cadder decision should be welcomed as one that supports justice, whatever our politicians may think

Hard questions

Various topics this week call for a careful look before decisions are made

Trampled by the black horse

Are the Lloyds conveyancing panel cuts really in anyone's best interests, even theirs?

SLAS response to the Lloyds Banking Group panel cuts

Advice to solicitors on how to respond, and how to appeal if affected