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Proceed with caution

Final shape of Legal Services Bill still up for negotiation

No choice but to keep trying

SGM vote only shows need to keep searching for solution

The resumed SGM: who said what

Main points from the reconvened Special General Meeting on 21 April

United Society for a united profession

Law Society of Scotland can represent interests of all sectors of the solicitors' profession

President's interview on the adjourned SGM

Ian Smart explains the change of date and the state of talks with the Law Agents

Ah, the artist in us

"Is law a creative profession?" posts make good reading

Correspondence on change to adjourned SGM date

SLAS letter alleging impropriety in procedure and the Society's reply

McGrigors to propose amendment at adjourned Society SGM

Richard Masters explains the thinking behind his compromise proposal

Trust must be earned

The Society's reaction to the referendum result suggests it still misjudges the strength of feeling against ABS

It's good to talk

Result means only way forward on ABS is to find common ground

Ian Smart on the ABS referendum result

President insists that Council policy will be informed by both referendum and SGM

Hopes and fears on ABS

Is it taking the plunge or jumping off a cliff?