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Appeal to NQs to make their votes count

Letter from Council member for new lawyers on referendum 2 and the AGM motions

Independence requires a "no" vote

Open letter setting out the "no" case in the Scotsman debate

The essence of a profession

The Society's contribution to the debate in the Scotsman of 17 May

Promoting law reform

Solicitors should resist any proposals that would dilute or remove the duty to promote law reform

Practising the new politics

Government is about getting your hands dirty

An informed choice

Solicitors have the opportunity to vote on whether the status quo is working for them. The decision should be based on principle, not on fear that there is no alternative

Voting isn't over yet

Crucial that solicitors play their part in referendum and AGM

"Only you can save the profession"

Why some solicitors will cast a protest vote against the Society, and what it should do to be seen to represent them

Referendum 2: another legal aid perspective

A member of the Society's legal aid negotiating team explains why practitioners are most effectively represented through the Society

What kind of choice?

Past attempts to set up a national bar association failed, and there is no credible alternative at present to the Society

Exercising choice

What does the "no" lobby in the referendum seek to achieve?

Society's statement on referendum 2

Why the Society should continue to be responsible for promoting the interests of, and representing, solicitors in Scotland