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Practising what we preach

My wish for 2012: that solicitors practise greater mutual respect in line with the profession's core values

2011 reflections

The economic outlook remains poor, but other developments await in the coming year

Accessing the Access to Justice Committee

Why have no minutes been produced?

Change is coming to criminal legal aid

How will necessary advice be provided if not through a service such as ESTO Law proposed?

Respect agenda

SHRC recognises sensitivities of same-sex marriage debate

Vice President manifestos

Statements from the three candidates seeking election for 2012-13

Contemplating independence

Time for the Society to consider the potential consequences

Boardroom pay battle

Public interest requires facing up to the challenge to find a control

Offer them hope

Message needed for the young in troubled times

Knocking out a pillar

Can we challenge the Carloway approach?

Time to police the Internet!

Anonymous postings should be banned

Doing good for pro bono

Time to get back to the real message