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Levels of debate

Here's hoping that discussion of the proposed constitution will be less bitter than some recent arguments

Journey of discovery

Council awayday session explores strategy for the way ahead

Safeguarding the constitution

Do we need a constitution watchdog to protect us from Government whims?

Employment survey: answers and questions

Journal's first exercise throws up some interesting figures, but conclusions are more difficult

Paralegals: team building at work

Initial success of Registered Paralegal Scheme suggests the right formula

The judges over our shoulders

Do we need to limit the field of review by the Supreme Court over acts in name of the Lord Advocate?

Getting value from payback

The new community-based disposals have the potential to make a difference, if properly devised and supported

Up with the tweeters

The courts' challenge in keeping pace with digital information

Manifesto hits the headlines

Much support for better education in the law, but how to achieve it?

Manifesto days

Positive media coverage of Society's programme reflects our views being taken seriously

Child maintenance: here we go again?

New consultation begs the question of how much of a system we need

Hold tight for 2011

Looks like a bumpy ride, but hopefully not all bad