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  • Posts in May, 2012
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Sauce for the gander

Why does observance of ECtHR judgments not begin at home?

Independent no more?

The apparent loss of independence of the Crown in Scotland from the executive has diminished the reputation and standing of Scottish justice

Pushing the boundaries of practice

Benefits can flow both ways from becoming a niche player

Know any legal terms that rhyme with dromedary?

Welcoming the Law Society of Scotland’s recent announcement, a trainee who has been working for nothing explains why “legal eagle” is the least appropriate description

Making space for peace

A Scots lawyer who has joined an international team with the potentially dangerous task of protecting human rights defenders in Colombia, explains why his mission is necessary

One for all?

Time to take forward the debate on the future role of the Law Society of Scotland

Letter: No, we have not forgiven

Comment on Professor Lorne Crerar's involvement in bringing in home reports

Scotland, my choice

A Nigerian student is pleased to have had the chance to study for his LLM at Glasgow University, while suggesting there are things that could be done to make the experience even more worthwhile

Names no more

Society ready to help members where it can when a firm hits trouble