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Flexi-training good: SYLA

Call to Society to provide further support

View from the street

Festival of Politics event gives a taste of some public perceptions of the law

Austin's angle: up scope

Keep yourself out of trouble with a proper scoping exercise up front

All in a week's news

Some observations on interesting legal-related events of the last few days

Austin's angle: on top with the e-diary

Manage your deadlines better with the digital version of that vital diary

A day to shape our lives

Next month's "Law in Scotland" conference will address key issues facing the legal profession at national and practice level

Austin's angle: winning the buy-in

Getting your staff onside involves people interaction as well as systems

Austin's angle: the good of the system

Uniformity, or the benefits of a factory production line in the solicitor’s office

Conscience and the same-sex marriage debate

A plea for the right priorities as decisions are taken

Austin's angle: the key question for clients

Ask "What if?" to make them think about wills - or other needs

A tidal wave building?

Developments on ABS, featured in this month's Journal, highlight the imminence of change

Letter: SLCC – fix the sift

There should be a less expensive means of appealing a decision to sift through a complaint