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Austin's angle: the potential of your wills bank

First in a series of blogs about increasing your efficiency and profitability as a firm

France says “Non” to ABS

The national council representing the local law societies in France has passed a resolution rejecting the concept of alternative business structures. A lawyer qualified in France and the UK explains why

Weight of evidence

Ministers should rethink rush to end corroboration

School's out

Work with schools raises awareness among pupils - and is very rewarding

Above the conflict

Regulating ABSs does not automatically generate an additional conflict of interest for the Society

Letter: Help when it was needed

One solicitor's thanks to the Law Society of Scotland

Letter: Standard clauses

Standard missives are commendable, but the effect of some clauses is open to question

A glimpse of the future

Williams seminar highlights need for fresh thinking

Letter: Spinning the levy

Reaction to the SLCC levy for the coming year, and the Society's "spin"

Letter: The season for a rant

What is the benefit of the SLCC survey?

The search for consensus

Echoes of the past in the 2012 AGM

Sauce for the gander

Why does observance of ECtHR judgments not begin at home?