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President's diary: Cape Town, day 5

A full day includes some eye-opening presentations on legal and rights issues in different parts of the Commonwealth

President's diary: Cape Town, day 4

Day 1 of the conference includes an address from Lord President Gill

President’s diary: Cape Town, day 3

Out and about in the city ahead of the conference proper

President’s Diary: Cape Town, day 2

Filling a day ahead of the start of the conference itself

President’s diary: Malawi and Cape Town

Days 1,2 (spent travelling) and 3

Letter: Food for thought

Some comments on articles in the March 2013 Journal

Look first

Are we going out on a limb on sep rep?

Letter: unjustified acceptance

Reply to the February 2013 President's column

Letter: trial by jury

Vicky Pryce case should not result in further inroads

Opening dialogue

Impressions from the Justice Secretary's visit to Council

Where now?

Lessons need to be learned from the row over the Society's acceptance of the summary criminal legal aid amendment package

Letter: Limited title

Comment on a new book on the Lands Tribunal for Scotland