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Acas dress code: help for employers

Guidance on dress codes, tattoos and body piercings will help avoid claims

Life goes on – as we know it?

Why solicitors need to know about the Society's regulation consultations

Letter: Repossessions: bad practice

Why are lenders so unrealistic when selling a repossessed property?

Letter: Masters of cross-examination

Mastery of the brief is the key to success, but personal style can play a part

Cohabitants: a changing landscape

Post-Gow v Grant, the law continues to evolve

CMS? It'll cost you

Fees are now payable if resort is had to the Child Maintenance Service

Regulation or interpretation?

Reminders, if they were needed, about the difficulties that can ensue in interpreting the clauses of a minute of agreement

Expensive lesson

A salutary lesson in the vagaries of litigating financial provision cases in the sheriff court

Party litigants, and some dos and don'ts

Procedural points from some recent shrieval decisions

Contact: no presumption here?

A presumption for involvement of a parent in a child's life? Scotland and England appear to be differing

Fresh starts

A new look magazine this month, but the same focus on the important issues of the day

A complete Land Register?

A case study of the kind of obstacles that lie in the way