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Title insurance – the solution?

Why not make more use of title insurance in resolving minor property-related matters?

Hate crime: an open letter

Solicitor protests against ineffective action by authorities against child homophobia

Dissolving the Union

Comment on "Scotland's Constitutional Future 2" and Scotland's status

People's choice

Does the draft interim constitution embody that the people are "sovereign"?

Time barring hybrid complaints

Question over SLCC's unpublished policy

Letter: AFLA's positive impact

Marking the success to date of Armed Forces Legal Action

Global connections

Despite the concerns voiced, there is little evidence to date of harm to the Scottish legal profession from the number of cross-border mergers

Selling a vision

What the independence debate needs is more people with vision and less narrow focusing and negative point scoring

Justice on the cheap?

Does the Courts Reform Bill load the scales too heavily against litigating in the Court of Session?

Letter: Quit the bucket shop

Time to cut conveyancing risks, by charging a proper fee for a proper service

Still talking; little new

Cabinet Secretary's familiar messages to Council

Letter: "Issues for the Union"

Independence would mean dissolving all parts of the United Kingdom