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Scottish legislation update

Progress on the Scotland Bill; Legal Writings Act in force

Holidays snippets

Two decisions put down further markers for employee rights

Tier 2 licences: employers take note

How a business lost its right to employ migrant workers

Letter: what women faced

Shameful examples of discrimination in the profession existed until not many years ago

Letter: just pick up the phone

Clients seem to think it's easy, but should be told email is more efficient

Under starter's orders

The courts are gearing up for the reforms; legal aid provision must not cut corners

Off the hook

Sarah Sutton quizzes Mark from the Society’s Public Communications team to find out why the Society gets so many phone calls from the public

Letter: not so easy on the eye

Can land certificates not be made more readable, rather than just a mass of unformatted text?

Letter: one for the bin?

A question for the Society over online PC renewal

People's law

Various pieces of legislation in the pipeline will affect a large proportion of solicitors' clients

What does the future hold?

After attending the latest Law Society admission ceremony, Sarah Sutton considers the future of Scotland’s newest solicitors

Contact held in child's interests despite father's offending

Ethnic mix held important in retaining parent-child link