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No globalisation without representation...

Katie Hay discusses the globalisation of the legal market and urges Scottish solicitors working internationally, to get involved

Letter: "Practitioners or salesmen?": a comment

Examination of title must not be allowed to become a lost art

Letter: small pension savers beware

Don't cash in rights without advice

Taking access to justice seriously

The House of Lords decision on employment tribunal fees elevates this constitutional principle

Bringing the world to "world-class"

Sarah Sutton, digital communications executive at the Law Society of Scotland, talks about her bright idea to ensure international representation on the Society’s Council

Letter: but who did it?

How do you know who was driving a vehicle for the purposes of imposing private parking charges?

Letter: better research?

SLAB is criticising the Law Society of Scotland's research, but what of its own standards?

Advance of the courts

There is momentum behind civil procedure reform, and practitioners need to be alert to have their say

Tweet at your peril

Dismissal held a reasonable response to derogatory Facebook post

Indirect discrimination: two Supreme Court rulings

Judgments on proving disadvantage, and objective justification

The EU, working time and holiday pay

Further material is available to help with applying the directive

Pension auto-enrolment: a new phase

All staff now have to be enrolled, with a few exceptions