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Letter: an annual plan for Scots law?

The Society's annual plan should include projects to enhance Scots law and its relevance to Scotland's people

A turbulent Christmas

Depressing divisions and a lack of clear thinking dominate the Brexit scene. But (stop press) there is something positive in the official reaction to the legal aid review

Intention at purchase key to matrimonial property dispute

Wife shows how to use s 9 principles to win capital sum

Sheriff wrong to decide case when proof part heard

Having ordered a proof and heard some evidence, it had to conclude

Pension subject to Dutch law left out of account

Contingent interest in share scheme counted once value known

Bar for permanence applications not quite so high

Sheriff held to have placed too great an onus on council

Permanence order decisions failed to take holistic approach

Inner House allows council appeal in interests of child's welfare

Letter: protest at letting agent regime

An objection to the information being required of already regulated solicitors under the new mandatory scheme

Letter: difference in principle

Yes, Scots law differs from English in being based on principle

Put to the test

The Society's position as regulator will come under renewed scrutiny following the Roberton report, but the report itself should equally be subjected to proper scrutiny

HMRC investigating more estates for IHT underpayment

Residential property valuations most likely to be queried

Widowed parent's allowance should not depend on marriage: UKSC

Rule excluding cohabitants contrary to Human Rights Convention