Amelia Mah, future trainee solicitor and final year dual-qualifying law student at the University of Dundee, discusses the LLB.

Hi everyone, my name is Amelia and welcome to the first in my series of blogs in collaboration with the Law Society of Scotland. I’m in the final year of my dual-qualifying Scots and English Law LLB at the University of Dundee. This blog is the first instalment of my series.

Congrats – you’re on the LLB and hopefully in the first few months you’ve managed to get settled in! It’s daunting being in a new place, new people and a whole new course, so it may take time. Four years may seem like a long time when you’re just starting out your LLB but as I’m sitting here writing this blog having just started my final year in September, it’s scary to think how quickly the time has gone by.

Some advice to anyone during the LLB –

  1. keep an open mind when you’re studying the modules on your LLB – you may hate the sound of a module, and continue to hate it during the first few weeks, but you may be surprised at what changes as the term goes by. It can be difficult adjusting to the way assessments and exams at university work so if you’re struggling, make sure to contact your lecturer or advisor for advice
  2. get a LinkedIn profile up! LinkedIn is a social media platform designed especially for professionals.  It will give you access to some valuable and interesting content and help you to build your own professional profile and network of contacts, which can be invaluable as you progress in your career. If you’re already on LinkedIn, get connecting
  3. try and get some work experience – this does not necessarily have to be legal experience because you will focus more on the transferable skills that you’re gaining, such as customer service, organisation, communication and team work

Thinking ahead if you do want to go into legal practice, you’ll need to complete your LLB, followed by the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP) and then a two-year traineeship but don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to decide. My next few blogs will talk about my journey through to obtaining a traineeship along with my hints and tips! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow the Law Society of Scotland pages to keep up!

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LLB Degree

Study Scots Law at one of ten accredited providers in Scotland. Most students study the four year honours degree, but there are ordinary, part-time and online options available, as well as the accelerated LLB for postgraduates.