ELSA is a non-political and non-profit organisation which strives to inspire and connect law students through social, academic, and professional opportunities.

This blog is about the European Law Students' Association (ELSA). Their history, its global and national links as well as unique opportunities that it offers to its members. ELSA want to raise awareness and to gain support from law firms. Their aim is to organise events that will add value to the academic and work experiences offered to ELSA members.

What sets ELSA apart from other law societies?

ELSA’s global outlook and rich 38-years old history distinguish ELSA from other student societies. ELSA (European Law Students' Association), with its 69,000 members across 44 countries is the largest independent law students' association in the world. ELSA Aberdeen is the first local group of ELSA UK in Scotland, and has thus far been joined by 2 other Scottish groups (Stirling and Glasgow), and together we strengthen ELSA UK which supports the work of 21 Local Groups in total. 

As a society and a community, we strive to provide our members with excellent academic and personal development opportunities such as the ELSA Summer School Opportunities, Mooting and Essay Competitions, International legal experience through our STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme) Initiative and through the Delegation programmes. 

How I got involved with ELSA Aberdeen and my personal experience as a committee member



As a third-year student, I was unsure about which society to join. However, reading about ELSA Aberdeen, its global outlook and international opportunities intrigued me the most and convinced me to get involved and become part of its activities and events.

When I first joined, I was responsible for advertising ELSA on social media and to students in class. The position was very rewarding as my fellow ELSA team elected me as a Secretary-General due to my determination for ensuring the society’s success and visibility on campus. Holding the position of Secretary-General, I act on behalf of the President, supervising the society’s inner workings and carefully recording our progress and objectives. This role helps enhance my transferable skills; However, most importantly, by getting involved with ELSA I made really good friends and had the chance to work in an amazing team!

I believe it is very important to work with a great student team of like-minded people that are positive and enthusiastic, not only to deliver great events, but also to encourage students to join and get involved with our mission. And that is ELSA-a truly friendly, approachable and supportive family!


Studying law in theory is completely different from how it is established in practice. Henceforth, I wanted to find a society which would facilitate to develop my legal knowledge on theoretical and most importantly, on a practical level.

The first time I heard about ELSA, I realised that this was the ideal society for me. Consequently, when ELSA Aberdeen held their AGM (Annual General Meeting) for the academic year of 2018-19, I grabbed the opportunity and successfully applied for the position of treasurer. Being responsible for the financial management of a society is demanding; I love this role because it is an invaluable opportunity to test my resourcefulness and develop my commercial awareness as well as business acumen.

Teamworking is one of the most essential grounds for an effective and efficient work of a society. Throughout the past two years, we have built a respectful relationship with one another in a friendly- oriented environment. We are honest, approachable and thrive on delivering excellent opportunities for our fellow law and legal studies students: this enthusiasm and commitment is shown through our external events and projects.


What ELSA Aberdeen do?

Our aim as ELSA Aberdeen is to offer to Aberdeen students the best possible experiences that will make a difference in their professional and personal development. Thus, organising academic and social events is not easy but requires teamwork, determination and well-thought-out plans.

We encourage and assist our members both practically and financially to participate in national and international activities which are organised by ELSA UK and ELSA International. Those include mooting competitions (with prizes including prestigious internships in the EU institutions), essay competitions (prizes including cash awards and publication of the essay), STEP ( our traineeship programme that offers placements at various high quality law firms and institutions in Europe) and ELSA Winter and Summer Schools(opportunity to study in an institution of choice at a discounted price).


Connect with us!

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