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CPD Hours: 2hours

Online 15-minute micro-lessons to help busy lawyers win new clients online.
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2 hours verifiable CPD - Essential Career Skills Course

Broken down into 15-minute micro-sessions, our Winning Business Online for Lawyers Course brings fast-track learning for busy lawyers on online marketing basics and must-knows. 

Significant business opportunities lie in being visible online for your areas of expertise. You have worked long and hard to gain expertise and grow your reputation offline, and now it is crucially important that your expertise is reflected online.

Demonstrating your expertise online means you are visible to people who need your help and guidance. And if you fail to show up online, your competitors will. As other lawyers and firms start to gain prominence online, over time your business opportunities are likely to diminish. Lawyers don’t like risk, they take steps to minimise risk at all stages. Yet, in the digital age one of the biggest risks law firms and lawyers face is failing to build out a digital presence for their area of expertise.


By the end of this two-hour course, you will be able to:

  • Optimise your online presence to gain the trust of potential clients and boost the number of enquiries you receive from online traffic
  • Identify areas for improvement on your personal online presence and your firm’s website and take steps to create effective content that will bring you business opportunities
  • Understand how to start ranking in Google search 
  • Create a clear schedule of blog titles based on the questions your audience *actually asks* in Google search

This foundation course is for all lawyers. This course will tell you why being online is important but crucially it will also tell you how you can take easy steps to build out your online presence for you and your firm. We know you are busy so we focus on fast track learning and time effective strategies you can use every day. No previous marketing or computing skills are required. 

We know it can be difficult for lawyers to keep up in the digital world. You are busy with clients. You need to keep up with the law - not to mention the many external factors that may affect your role. Starting to work on your online presence can be hard. 

You're not alone in this, most lawyers struggle with creating content and growing their online presence. While you may have great ideas for creative, social, digital, and technology projects, but perhaps you lack the skills to bring these to life. Perhaps these skills are also lacking in your firm. 

But how do you get started? First, don't be intimidated: the tools and technology available today are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to acquire. This course will give you the resources that will help you do just that, and you will leave this course with a clear understanding of the practical steps you can take to start winning business in the online world. 

  • FREE Search Engine Optimisation Checklist 
  • FREE Intention setting worksheet to make it clear how you want to start winning business online
  • FREE Template ‘The Anatomy of the Perfect Law Firm Blog’ to make sure every piece of content you create works hard for you
  • FREE E-book ‘100 Law Firm Blog Ideas’ - covering 10+ practice areas
  • FREE quarterly newsletter with practical tips, insights and updates
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