Voting is open for the Law Society of Scotland Glasgow & Strathkelvin constituency and for the In-house Lawyers Committee (ILC) convener elections, with all Glasgow and in-house solicitors being encouraged to make the most of their vote.

In the Glasgow & Strathkelvin constituency, nine solicitors are vying for five Council seats. 

President of the Law Society, Alison Atack, who is standing down from the Council after almost ten years said: “It’s fantastic to see nine solicitors in Glasgow coming forward to help their professional body to lead legal excellence. Council members represent the views of Scottish solicitors and help to shape the Council's policies and take decisions affecting the profession. The legal profession continues to go through a huge amount of change and I would encourage our members to take the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates.”

The ILC convener election is also taking place.  The ILC convener plays a major role in leading and supporting the in-house community and representing in-house solicitors on the Law Society Council.

Beth Anderson, Head of Member Engagement for in-house lawyers at the Law Society, said: "The ILC convener will play an important role at the Law Society. They will be responsible for representing the views of Scottish in-house solicitors, making decisions affecting the profession and making a real difference for in-house members in both the private and public sectors. I would strongly encourage our in-house members to take the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate.”

The ILC convener will also be a co-opted member of the Law Society Council. The appointment will start on 1 July 2019 and run for three years until 30 June 2022.

Both elections are running until 12 noon, 16 May 2019 and eligible members need to log in and cast their votes using the Society’s secure online voting system.

Candidates for the Glasgow & Strathkelvin election are:

  • Gulfraz Ahmed, Jones Whyte LLP
  • Emma Crilley, Anderson Strathern
  • Martin Kerr, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd (trading as ‘Three’)
  • Austin Lafferty, Austin Lafferty
  • Anne Louise Macdonald, Harper Macleod LLP
  • David John Mair, Glasgow City Council
  • Gurcharanjeet Singh, Ethnic Minorities Law Centre
  • Gordon Scot Watson, W.W.&J. McClure Ltd
  • Ross Yuill, The Glasgow Law Practice

More information on all nine candidates and details on how to vote can be found on our website.

Candidates for the In-house Lawyer Committee convener are:

  • David Bryson
  • Sheekha Saha & Vlad Valiente (these two candidates are standing as co-conveners together)

More information about the candidates and how to vote can be found on the Society’s website

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