Dingwall, Dornoch, Elgin, Inverness, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Lochmaddy, Portree, Stornoway, Tain & Wick - 1 seat

We currently have one Council vacancy for a seat representing solicitors in the constituency of Dingwall, Dornoch, Elgin, Inverness, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Lochmaddy, Portree, Stornoway, Tain & Wick

If you are a practising or non-practising Scottish solicitor with a business address in the constituency above, why not consider joining our Council,

Council seats come up for re-election every three years and constituency members have an opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates.

Being a Council member

Being a Council member can be a fulfilling, fascinating and challenging experience. You should apply if you want to:

  • lead and support the profession through times of change
  • make sure your interests are reflected in key decisions
  • expand your network and broaden your circle of influence
  • bring your fresh perspective to the work of the Society

You don’t have to take our word for it though - watch our short video to find out why past and present members think you should join.

Who are our constituency Council members?

Council members are elected by their constituents whose views and interests they represent in the decision making process.  Constituents are defined as practising or non-practising members of the Law Society with a business address in the relevant constituency.

Key roles and responsibilities
  • To represent their constituents and promote the interests of the public in relation to the profession.
  • To raise matters of generic or sector concern/interest from their constituents with the appropriate team within the Society and/or Council.  To raise matters of public interest in relation to the profession.
  • To communicate effectively as a Council member with their constituents on matters of interest.
  • To serve on one committee or working party throughout each three year term as a Council member.
  • To advance the work of the Council to both the profession and public.
  • To acquire a good understanding of the principal areas of work of the Society.
  • To comply with the Council members’ Code of Conduct.
  • To vote in the election of the President, Vice President of the Society and fulfil any other statutory obligations required of them under the 1980 Act.
  • To vote in the election of the five Council members to the Board
  • To  participate in the appointment of  the  Conveners  of  the  Committees  of  the  Council  (bar  the Regulatory Committee) and the members of Council committees, subcommittees and working parties.
Time commitment

Council members are expected to set aside time for stakeholder engagement in addition to attending nine Council meetings per year.

Meetings are held at our Edinburgh office from 9.30-12.30 on the last Friday of every month, except February, June and August.

Council members are also expected to attend our Annual General Meeting, which this year is planned for 31 May and are encouraged to join one of our many committees.
Council members will serve a three-year term, commencing 1 June 2018.

Additional information

This is a non-remunerated post. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.

You should complete a nomination and candidate information form and submit both documents (in Word format) along with a photograph of yourself to our registrar, David Cullen by 12 noon on Wednesday 30 August 2017. 

The detail in your candidate information form will provide the basis of your election profile and will be shared on our website as part of the campaign.

Nominations will close at 12 noon on 21 June and voting will run from 12 noon 26 June to 12 noon on 10 July.

Our Council

The Council is our decision-making body. It's made up of elected members from geographical constituencies, co-opted and non-solicitor members.